Crypto Koi

Collect and Breed Koi Fish

Crypto Koi is an indie NFT project centered around gorgeous koi fish art created by Subha Semetaite.

Each koi art is a one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. Not only is the Token unique, but the art is as well.

A portion of every transaction is donated to clean water projects. This year, we will be donating to Charity::Water

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Mint is live! 

Start Your Digital Koi Collection

Collect Koi

Mint your own unique koi fish, start your collection.

Find Your Favorites

Crypto Koi can be traded in the Solana Marketplace

Breed New Koi

Our roadmap includes a
breeding game.

About the Project & Roadmap

We will be releasing 888 Koi NFTs in the first generation of minting. Assuming that we reach an initial funding goal, we will develop the breeding app.

Unique Artwork

Each Koi is a unique NFT artwork and there will never be another
quite like it.

NFT Game

Following a successful launch of the generation 1 Koi fish, we will develop a breeding game that lives
on the blockchain.

Roadmap in Development

The holders of our NFTs and our community will determine where the project goes next.

Support Clean Water

We donate 5% of all
payments that we receive to
clean water projects

Why Solana?

When we had to make a choice about what blockchain to use, it was clear that proof of work blockchains like Ethereum are becoming increasingly unsustainable with the electrical usage in a single transaction using 182 kWh and the carbon footprint of 86 kg of CO2. Solana’s footprint is miniscule in comparison.

Our Team

Subha has a passion to create engaging and sleek design. Having honed her abilities to see compositions in life and capture them through different mediums and graphics, she makes stunning pieces that capture the eye and take the viewer on a journey.

As well as receiving her Bachelors of Arts, Subha double majored in English because she was interested in exploring narratives. She loves to combine clients’ stories and interests to illustrate her creative work. Being trained in the Fine Arts as well as graphic design, this combination takes her creativity to the next level.

Subha Semetaite


For Nathan, life is about people, community, and their interactions with each other. This concept translates to business as well. The biggest challenge these days is taking emotionless data and using it to make decisions that excite customers, delight stakeholders, and foster engagement.

Nathan Spidle

Technical Lead

Generation One Koi fish
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Unique Traits

How to Mint a Crypto Koi

  1. Connect Your Wallet. We like Phantom
  2. Fund you wallet with enough SOL to complete the mint
  3. Press the “Mint” button